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Schools Out for ...

So the morning started off pretty good, we woke up- and that was a great place to start.

Today was the first ‘day’ of school, and like most parents, we had done our best to be excited about it. But I’m not gonna lie, I have been grappling with this whole “Homeschool” thing for awhile and truthfully, I’m not quite sure how qualified I am for the job.

Sure, I’m a fun Mom, but it really doesn’t make you a good teacher ... That job is for the saintly and I’m damn sure, I would burn in that room.

I have taken to focusing on what I do right, and even if it doesn’t line up with grade standards- I will have children who can create anything and I’m ok with that.

We are going to focus on Music and Art, and ummm, Wizardry …  and then I’m going to try to write about it. I’m saying this out loud, because it’s good for my ears to hear it- since let’s just say, recently, I have had a hard time balancing my artistry- while having children underfoot. So in a sense, we are doing all this together.

Our day begins with a quick call to school for the teacher check in … and can I just begin by saying - The Zoomer-thing is just fucking weird.

I can see the kids outwardly cringe when they first looked at the screen. It is a blatant reminder that they cannot physically see their teacher or classmates in person, because of this Covid-19 virus that has changed everyone’s lives. But, they recover quickly, because they are children, while I go cry … quietly, in the corner.

After the call ends, I pivot to make it light, moving into reading about the ways of the wizzards, then some light sketching and cleaning the chicken coop.

Yep, you said it, my ‘school’ is too easy and my kids are never going to make it in the real world.

So yeah, about that …  shortly after the chickens, we moved into music history ... and I had to begin with T-Rex ‘The Slider’, which they had heard many times before, but it was fun learning more about Marc Bolan, who he was and what he did for the Glam Rock movement.

We ate lunch and discussed the lyrics, how Ringo Starr had actually photographed the covers and my son decided that Ballrooms of Mars was his favorite Song on the album.

At that point I realized, no matter what, my kids are gonna be ok.

it’s funny how the clarity can come like a flash or a melody, and so I am going to do my best to breathe at this time, because shit, we are in a fucking pandemic and every single day is throwing new sets of curve balls. We must find new ways to make things interesting, or we will surely lose our minds.

This homeschooling thing is absolutely terrifiying, and I’m pretty sure of two things- by the ‘end’ of it all … my daughter will freely use the F-word, and I will have screwed them up just a touch. But we are gonna have fun. FUN. And THAT is what I hope they choose to remember … when I die early, because this really may kill me.

We then moved downstairs for Band Practice. Which at this point is an absolute free for all, since the kids have decided they want to have their own band, but cannot decide what instrument they will play and who is the lead singer. Oh the band drama is already starting, so I will keep you posted who wins.

The Newey’s Band is the name and yes, they have an Insta handle, with nothing on it yet-because I’m not totally ready for introducing my tween and toddler to having their own social media.

Although, they are begging, and want it to be a project for Homeschool- an academic rock band, they say...

Hmmmmmmmm. I feel I’m being played.

The gist of all this?

i, like so many other parents are- out of their minds, trying to figure all of this uncertain territory out. But really Folks, we can’t.

And we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves that we have to. Let’s just take it one day at a time- and laugh. A lot.

Because just when you think they are paying attention ...

And so it begins.


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