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"Tommie Vaughn nails it in her tale of a girl, her dream & her Hollywood. I could practically smell the Sunset Strip in her delicious read & I raise my glass 
to the Frankie Spencer in all of us." 
 ~Lorraine Lewis, Singer from Femme Fatale / Creator-Producer of Ex Wives of Rock reality show

"Such a good trip down memory lane, of times in the Hollywood music scene when Industry wasn't afraid to take chances and the artists were living the last few years of that magical time." ~Dave Aguilera, Maphia Management

"I picked up This Rock in My Heart and read it cover to cover in between two international flights while on my last tour, I couldn't put it down. I really got into the characters and I kept wondering if they were real people since they reminded me of a lot of artists I know. I can't wait for the follow up book and think Tommie Vaughn did a kick ass job creating a memorable musical world."
~Chino Moreno, Deftones

"Tommie Vaughn birthed a coherent, musical and deeply heartfelt novel right out of the box. She bled for her art and music, then gave back to the source. This Rock in My Heart invites the audience into the sacred space of an artist, it gives you a laugh, a tear, a wise crack and a woody. Bravo Tommie, Bravo."
~Lonn Friend, Author of Life on Planet Rock and Sweet Demotion

"Tommie Vaughn offers a juicy & insightful look into the Hollywood music scene. Teetering on that fine line between fact & fiction, Tommie clearly taps into her own wealth of personal experience to give the reader a sneak peak inside the head of a true artist struggling to make it in the City of Angels."
~Abby Gennet, MTV2 host, Slunt, Riot Brides

"This Rock in My Heart's Frankie Spencer is clever, heartfelt and down right kick ass. For those who find this fair city of Los Angeles, after being lost elsewhere, the world Tommie creates with her word play is- the real deal. Trust me. Reading her account of what its like to walk in to the building we all lived in for the first time, was like falling face first into a time warp.  I cant wait for the next one... hope I'm in it. Congratulations on this "rock your face off" accomplishment Tommie."
-Brandon Thomas, Bleed the Dream


"Tommie Vaughn has written chick lit for rocker moms, not soccer moms! I swear every girl/woman who ever came to Hollywood with stars in her eyes will wish she were walking in Frankie Spenser's shoes. I had a ball reading it!"
~Sandy King Carpenter, Writer, Film Producer, President of Storm King Productions, Inc

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