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They say only time will heal a broken heart but Frankie Spencer proves that theory wrong. Music was her guide, and a job at a legendary Hollywood recording studio was her gateway. Bravely fighting her way out of a suffocating relationship, Frankie began working at Cherokee Studios with a cast of characters fit for a royal tabloid court. From the Amazon blonde drummer to the son of a rock legend, she danced, pranced, and sang with rock stars and strippers alike. Every strum of the guitar was a beat of her heart, bringing her back from the edge into a new world of mayhem, romance and stuff books are made of. Frankie stepped into the Hollywood dream and made it her own. The first volume of the Frankie Spencer Series, "This Rock In My Heart," will lead you through the start of her Rock-n-Roll awakening and may even inspire a journey of your own.

The Dream Continues… Frankie Spencer and her raucous group of rockers return, swagger intact, hell-bent on lighting up the stages of Los Angeles and beyond. Paths will be chosen, as Frankie and company battle their demons versus desires, fame versus freedom, all in the face of major label interest and for the love of rock ‘n roll. Friendship is their lifeline, as the reality of living the musical dream challenges their strengths and weaknesses, helping them to rise above the smoggy city and transform them into the true stars they were born to be.


Official Book Trailer

Frankie Spencer's Musical journey is heating up, with her band finally graduating to an official European Tour, opening for a popular rock band on the Billboard charts. Unfortunately, she has a tumultuous history with the bands guitarist, an unattainable magic man. Before the tour begins, Frankie gets an offer she can't refuse: to record a single with a gorgeous Grammy award-winning producer, whose masterful intentions will leave a lasting scar.

This musical trilogy that is born from an artists soul, stage dives from the largest venues around the world- all set to Frankie's original melody line- will not only test every aspect of her sterength and larger than life spirit, but also teaches her the ultimate lesson, when those love wishes finally come true. 

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