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Catching Fire

It all started a few years ago ... Back when the first wildfire came tearing through the central coast. I've never been around fire before- and this one was a doozy. Many parts of Santa Barbara, Montecito, Summerland, Carp and Ventura were evacuated and we watched helplessly as it all burned.

Being in the band at that time, we were all separated- displaced from one another, but still connected. When it was all over and we were able to come home, things were different. Relationships had ended, there were hints of others and so ... me being the ever inspired poet, began to write.

I wrote this song about what was lost, in that moment, in that time. And as the years went by, more natural disasters came, and we as a band weathered through them, together. We actually kinda teased ourselves about being 'un-natural' disasters, with our undeniable internal chemistry. "You all are electric onstage together!" They would say, and I would giggle to myself, Yeah we are.

But sometimes, bands- like relationships- end. And we said goodbye to our friend and bass player, Ryan Hensley, who left for good reasons, I guess- but we missed him all the same. So, in some way, this song- Drive Through Fire- became thee break up song.


Enter Michael Robinson, from the gleam of an angels eye, he was introduced to us and well, he's just plain rad. He's a great addition to the band and his passion for music is evident with every note. It's a pretty tough gig to walk into, joining Wall of Tom at that moment- but this guy took all we had to give him, with a smile and a skip in his step.

One day a few months back, I was talking to an old friend of mine- a producer, whom I've admired for years upon years- his work with Alice in Chains- those haunting vocal melodies ... I have always dreamed of working with Toby Wright- but it has never worked out. I told him about the antics of my band at the moment and he said to send him the music I had. I did, and he said- 'I want to do Drive Through Fire.' I was blown away, especially when we had another song on the demo that I was sure he would go for, super heavy with a throwback style, but he picked the ballad-And after hearing it, his way, now I know why.

It's haunting, and it stays with you- long after it's gone.

To release a song in the middle of a pandemic???? I would never have planned it this way but hell- we are a bunch of Un-Natural Disasters anyways, right? As I sit here in my stay at home orders, like the rest of the band members and the world- I wonder how we will ever play together again? But as I close my eyes and listen to this song, I hear us together anyways.

Drive Through Fire is an original song written by myself, Tommie Vaughn, then musically brought to life by Tony Grimes, Kerim Imes, Louisa Bancroft and Ryan Hensley. The song is performed and recorded by Tommie Vaughn, Tony Grimes, Kerim Imes, Louisa Bancroft, Ryan Hensley AND Michael Robinson. Ain't technology cool sometimes?

So off it goes to you- do with it what you will, but we hope it hits you just right.

Burn baby burn.

Oh and we made a music video, right before the world shut down- that's coming out soon, so hold onto your seats. (Like you can go anywhere, anyways.)

Oh this life- hope you are hanging in there ... One day at a time, right? It's only taken me two weeks to find the time to write one blog. ;)

Turn it up!!



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