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The Adventures of
Peep-Peep and Meep-Meep

Book One

The Hatching:

Meet Peep-Peep and Meep-Meep, two baby chicks freshly hatched after falling from a passing delivery truck.  What was to be their destination has now been changed, and this new road will lead them to two children, who will share in their hen-semble adventure. For you see, these two little chicks are not your ordinary feathered friends... They can talk, yes talk, and are highly intelligent with a diabolical plot lurking just beneath the surface of their cheeping consciousness.   Peep-Peep and Meep-Meep along with the children soon learn they are not alone in their search for answers - there is one other; a wrathful scientist veiled in darkness is searching, too. The missing chicks are the key to his top-secret plan, and he must find them, before they- find out!


It all starts with The Hatching and ends with Chicks on the Run, a four-piece adventure series for the youngest readers who want to fly away with two tiny lovable heroes. These books are for readers who enjoy the Life in the Wild series by Nicholas Oldland, or Wolf Camp by Anrea Zuill, with funny animal protagonists that teach lessons of friendship, courage and an ending that even P.E.T.A. would approve of.  The Hatching is a 3,000-word picture book, that appeals to young readers, ages five to ten, complete with colorful illustrations and audio book Cd- with music, narration, sound effects, and character voices. 

Rough Illustrations

Chapter 1
The Hatching

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Audiobook example: Chapter 1

Chapter 1-The HatchingTommie Vaughn
00:00 / 03:16

Chapter 2
Laboratory Blues

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Page 24
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Audiobook example: Chapter 2

Chapter 2-Laboratory BluesTommie Vaughn
00:00 / 02:50

Chapter 3
And They Meet

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Audiobook example: Chapter 3

Chapter 3-And They MeetTommie Vaughn
00:00 / 05:43
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